Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deer in the back yard

It is so hot here it is just unbearable!!! You have to stay inside in the air conditioning..I really don't like this hot weather..I'm more of a winter person..Yesterday some of the deer came into our back yard to eat the apples that fall off our trees.They are just so beautiful!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Ducks

This year to our surprise a mother duck and her 9 babies are also in the neighborhood.Twice a day she brings them to the bird feeder.They are really getting big now.I just love watching them all walk in a perfect line behind her!!!

Our Ducks

I feed the birds everyday.I just love watching all of the different breeds and their beautiful colors.We have wild ducks that come and stay in the neighbor hood every year.I named the one pair Mama and Papa.It just amazes me that they come back year after year.They visit the bird feeder once or twice a day.

Well it's been a very busy but productive week so far.I'll have a bear done and up by sunday.I've been busy dyeing mohair.What fun that is!!!.
We took Danny to the vet tuesday for her "senior" exam.She's 13 years old now. Dr.Messner just called with the good news..all is well!!! She said Dannelle is one tough old broad!!!