Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Well I went to get my ultrasound yesterday. When they took me to the room they said they wanted to take 2 more regular pictures then they would do the ultrasound. So they did that and told me to go back out and sit in the waiting room and a radiologist would read them. About ten minutes later she came out and told me to go home. There was nothing there. It was folded tissue. So I guess my Lord isn't ready for me yet.   :o)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well it looks like summer is over. It's starting to get cold. I can't stand the cold the older I get.
 Time is really flying by this month. I have been leaving Abbierose more. She does so well when we are gone. She doesn't have to be crated. She is really such a good girl. She is doing so well with her disease. No major set backs.
 I keep busy with taking care of Abbie and the girls next door Dixie Lou and Elle Mae. They are a joy to take care of. If I was younger I would love to open up a doggy daycare.

I went and had my mammogram and they think they see something so tomorrow I have to go get an ultrasound.
I am going to a new doctor and I really love him. It's been three years since Dr. Burns died. I still miss him.

I just about have all of the outside work done so maybe I can work on bears again soon.
 Next Sunday
 I am having a birthday dinner for Tom and his brother and sister. They were all born in October so we celebrate with one big dinner and get together. I am going to do a Halloween theme this year. Should be fun.