Thursday, July 14, 2016

My fur nieces Dixie Lou and Ellie Mae

This has been one exhausting year, but I think I am really back on track. Cleaned my life up and got out of relationships that were really toxic. You don't need so called friends who do nothing but scream at you and call constantly wanting to know where you are and what your doing. I really don't need people in my life who have drama everyday. Can't be happy about ....
I have really started reading and studying my bible. I love to read Gods Word!!
And I am all ready to start sewing my bears again. I finally got a new pair of glasses and now I can finally see to sew.
I have been busy doing outside stuff also. Always something to do.
I have also been taking care of the girls next door. Love my fur nieces.

                                              My sweet Abbierose