Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It has been way to long since I posted anything.Just way to much going on.Danny wasn't(isn't) doing the best so alot of my time has been spent taking care of her.
I haven't been able to get down to my studio so my bears have been suffering.It's been awhile since I worked on any of them.I do have some cut out but that's as far as that's gone.
Now spring is here and it's back to yard work..lots and lots of yard work not to mention spring cleaning.
But I do have more time on my hands..the lady I helped and took care of moved out of stat to live with her son..I really really miss Miss Bessie..What a lady..just a beautiful soul!!!
I finally gave up sugar and salt and have lost 40 pounds!!! Yaaaa!!!! I really feel better and not to mention what a great feeling it is to have your clothes to big..
My ducks are back..they come to the bird feeder 2 times a day and eat seed and some wheat bread..It just amazes me that they come back year after year and remember me..They come right to me..the first time they just ran to me..what a feeling that was. Plus a pair of geese have started stopping by...they make the ducks look like midgets..I never realized how big they were..they came up to me and scared the bajeebers out of me..I turned around and there they were..I was afraid they were going to attack me but they behaved themselves...thank goodness..
We are going to put the hummingbird feeders out tomorrow..Looking forward to seeing them again...what special little birds they are..
well I'll end with a picture of my sweet baby.....