Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's been almost a year since I even visited my blog. Hopefully that will change now. It's been a very hard year. Danny needed 24 hour care. I watched her grow weaker and weaker. She finally quit eating and drinking water. We had to make that horrible decision to have her put to sleep. My heart is broken. We were blessed with her for 16 years. I lost a part of me that horrible day. It's been a month and it is still as bad as that day. We brought her home and buried her in our back yard between the apple trees.Everyone in the neighborhood is sad.She walked twice everyday and everyone knew her and loved her.
I'm going to get back to making my bears.Hopefully keeping busy will help me heal.She couldn't be left for the past year so I never left her unless tom was here.I miss her needing me.She loved sitting on her lounger on the porch watching the neighbor hood.